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No Monday blues for me today.  I am actually so, so, SO excited because I found out recently that one of my favorite illustrators was launching a Kickstarter for a physical compilation of many of his "Sketches of the Day" pieces.  I've spent countless hours drooling over his work and I am over the moon knowing that fans will have the chance to have his art in print form.  EEK!

Here's one of my (and fans') favorites from his sketches, titled "The View".

 photo theview_pascalcampion.jpg
 photo beach_zps2bc2dac3.jpg

And sharing the image above because it's still perfect beach weather these days - may head out there this weekend. :)  Pascal did this one earlier this month and shared this thought: "Something that I really like about drawing images like this is...literally imaging the conversations for everyone of the characters."  Love it!

I love the whimsy and nostalgia in his illustrations, perfect (and utterly distracting) for a daydreamer like me. :)  Have a great one, guys!  Feel free to check out his work.

blog // http://pascalcampion.blogspot.com/
website // http://www.pascalcampion.com/
kickstarter // https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3000moments/3000-moments (less than 2 weeks left!)

Now if only I could get my hands on some Tadahiro Uesugi prints...
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