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For the past few months, I've been helping a friend out with the photography of her newly launched beauty and fashion blog.  We try to have one or two sessions a month to get a lot of content ready for future posts. These shoots are so fun - they're like having a bunch of mini-sessions all in one go!  I welcome the adrenaline rush since we usually meet up early in the AM :)  Having to be creative in sometimes less than ideal shooting conditions (crazy winds, distracting locations, harsh/dynamic lighting) for these shoots is a great educational challenge too.  It's really amazing how different shooting techniques, angles, framing, etc. for standard portrait sessions are from the sessions we do for her blog.  I'm so accustomed to focusing on the face, but having a ton of beauty headshots really don't work in this case.  For these shoots, the focus is actually away from the face and more on finding angles that highlight the outfit, accessories, etc.

Here's a preview for a post coming up sometime towards the end of the summer on her blog.  How summery is this shoot?!  Feel free to say hello to my friend Jenn on her blog (or through your favorite form of social media). Caution: lots of pink and lace upon entering ;)

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Jenn_jean_pinkdress (1 of 2)
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