pretty cakes from paris baguette


I go weak in the knees for pretty desserts.  These cute cakes hail from a local Paris Baguette, a South Korean bakery franchise with many locations globally that offers confectionaries with an Asian and French flair.  I really enjoy Asian pastries as they tend to be lighter and less overwhelming in flavor.  I tried the neapolitan mousse cake and their take on the classic chocolate cake.

I was particularly excited about trying the neapolitan one; chocolate/vanilla/strawberry is an amazing holy-trinity of sweet flavors and it was SO DELICIOUS in mousse form.  And the pretty colors!  Overall though it was a tad too sweet, but the mousse was creamy/a little airy and each layer had a great distinct flavor.

I know I'm probably in a small, very tiny, minority when I say this, but I am not a huge fan of chocolate cake (hopefully you're not raging).  But this one I really enjoyed!  Lighter than other choco cakes that are usually super dense and mega rich, but still with all the characteristics that give chocolate cake its timeless appeal. Not sure why an Oreo was sitting at the very top, but it does add visual appeal :)

To find a Paris Baguette in your area: http://www.parisbaguetteusa.com/

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