marc jacobs daisy dream

Marc Jacobs daisy dream

Oh Marc Jacobs, be still my heart.  Brought the mail in and saw a flash of bright blue slip out of a messy pile of supermarket ads, bills, and other miscellaneous things.  I usually ignore these sample scent slips, but this one was so pretty!  I love this graphic - uncluttered and perfectly represents this scent and product.  Product photography at its finest.  And the bottle design is stunning!  The scent is equally compelling; written inside the flap is: "an irresistible fruity floral [scent] with delectable notes of blackberry, jasmine and wisteria".

Couldn't have put it better myself.  I generally prefer fruity over floral scents (Daisy Dream is more strongly floral), but it's still a very feminine, dreamy, and non-overbearing fragrance.   Personally, I've been working on my own Clinique Happy bottle for ages :)

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